Who are The Mondays?

Kyle “Captain” Flynn – Guitar/Vocals
Kyle was born into a family of wolves but was soon adopted by a loving family in Arcadia.  He established himself as a mouth harp prodigy at an early age, but switched instruments to the trumpet in High School.  Kyle never had the mouth harp type success with the trumpet so he switched to vocals and guitar.  Today Kyle is a senior programmer/analyst for Agropur Ingredients.  During his free time Kyle enjoys long walks on the beach and restoring vintage Pintos and Gremlins.



Jarrod “J-Rod” Nelson - Guitar

Jarrod was born in Iowa, but has lived in Eau Claire, Green Bay, the Shire, and Arcadia.  He started playing guitar when he was 17, and spent several years touring as lead guitarist for a number of professional barbershop quartets.  During the day Jarrod is a development manager for a furniture manufacturer in Arcadia, WI.  Most of Jarrod’s free time is spent training his 3 sons in juggling, fire eating, beard growing, and the high trapeze.



Justin “Whitey” White - Percussion
We really don’t know much about Whitey.  We needed a drummer and found him sleeping on a bar stool at Sporties one Sunday afternoon.  After teaching him the major and minor keys (in all modes) he was ready to begin hitting things with sticks.  Whitey proudly boasts being a native Arcadian, and is also currently employed by Ashley Furniture as a computer programmer.  During Justin’s free time, he likes to sleep and/or tan his scalp.



Pete “Big Pete” Flynn – Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Pete is Kyle’s big brother and mentor in life.  He is also the newest member of the band.  He bought all new fishing tackle when we told him we needed a new bass player.  We quickly cleared up that confusion and now Pete is the groove king. Pete’s hobbies include tropical snowboarding and being the commissioner for Arcadia’s underground Fight Club (which we don't talk about).



Denny “That Guy” Menter – Bass/Vocals


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